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Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What services does HealthScan Diagnostics offer? HealthScan Diagnostics offers a range of medical diagnostic services including pathology services, specialized services, mobile phlebotomy, and medical imaging services.

  2. Where is HealthScan Diagnostics located? HealthScan Diagnostics is located at Adinkra Heights, 7 Switchback Road, Cantonments, Accra.

  3. What are the core values of HealthScan Diagnostics? The core values of HealthScan Diagnostics are Quality Care, Precision, Excellence, and Timeliness.

  4. How can I book an appointment with HealthScan Diagnostics? To book an appointment or inquire about services, please call 0241337494 or 0209406600.

  5. What are the main tests included in the Pathology Services? Main tests include Hematology and Coagulation, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Andrology, and more.

  6. Can I receive Pathology Services without a doctor's referral? Yes, you can receive Pathology Services without a doctor's referral.

  7. What are the specialized services offered by HealthScan Diagnostics? Specialized services include autoimmune studies, coagulation tests, hormonal assays, HIV diagnosis and monitoring, PCR molecular tests, and more.

  8. How does the Mobile Phlebotomy service work? Mobile Phlebotomy provides special needs customer service in the comfort of your home or office. Contact us to schedule a visit.

  9. What medical imaging services are available at HealthScan Diagnostics? HealthScan Diagnostics offers ultramodern ultrasound scan services including echocardiogram, doppler scan, peripheral scan, obstetrics & gynecology, abdominal and pelvic scan, endovaginal scan, and small parts scan.

  10. Do I need an appointment for medical imaging services? Yes, it is recommended to book an appointment for medical imaging services.

  11. How do I prepare for an ultrasound scan? Depending on the type of ultrasound, preparation may involve fasting or drinking water. Specific instructions will be provided when you schedule your appointment.

  12. Does HealthScan Diagnostics provide services for special needs customers? Yes, HealthScan Diagnostics provides special needs customer service through Mobile Phlebotomy.

  13. Can I receive counseling along with premarital health screening? Yes, premarital health screening includes counseling services.

  14. Does HealthScan Diagnostics offer services for corporate clients? Yes, HealthScan Diagnostics offers services for corporate clients including pre-employment medical examinations, workplace health screenings, and more.

  15. What is the turnaround time for receiving test results from HealthScan Diagnostics? Turnaround time for test results varies depending on the type of test. Please inquire at the time of booking for specific information.